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About jeanie Baker                                                                                                                 Jeannie Baker is an English author and illustrator of alot of childrens picture books.Her most known book is ‘where the forest meats the sea’. She was born in Croydon, England. She is known for her use of mixed media to create detailed collages.She has a very individuel style that is very recogniseable.Her work focuses on a diverse range of issues including; family, society, sustaninability the enviroment , car-free urben spaces, Ausralian outback and wildlife. She lived with her partner Australian architect, David Blackwell untill he passed away in 2012.

My opinion

I Like jeannie Baker because of the detail  in her pictures and the simplicity in her writing, I like her books beacause they are touching and they mean somthing. The only dislike i have is that she could have abit more writing in here books.But other wise she is a brilliant author!!

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