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Start and Stop poetry


In the ocean the waves go by with surfers on them doing snaps and turns the waves build and build untill the white wash comes and gets thrown in the shallow waters where all the little kids paly and splash around happily in the ocean.   When the sun sets everyone begins to be quiet […]

My Poem (homework)


Live each day like it’s your last I like to surf because it makes me fell free Fantastic Each day is special so enjoy every bit of every one you get    

blogging challenge NO.8 / favourites


1. My first favourite thing is surfing it is fun and you feel free when you are in the ocean. You get heaps of awesome waves and you can do it with friends and ride the waves together, well you are out there you can meat new people and surf new waves and do new turns. […]

Week 1 of reflection on Blog!


At School ……….. In maths latly we have been doing lots of subtraction. At the start I found it really hard but now I get it really well.  I evan got a year 7 alderbra question correct!!!!!!!!!!!!   So I understand alot of maths now which is really good. In Literacy I have really enjoined the blogging and spelling part […]

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