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blogging challenge NO.8 / favourites


1. My first favourite thing is surfing it is fun and you feel free when you are in the ocean. You get heaps of awesome waves and you can do it with friends and ride the waves together, well you are out there you can meat new people and surf new waves and do new turns.

2. One Direction is my favourite band because they have brilliant music. They also have very catchy songs that make you want to sing them everyday. They are also very cool.

3. My favourite colour is blue because it is the colour of the sky and i love the colour of the sky I love the colour blue because It makes me feel calm and relaxed and happy.

4. I love netball because I get to play it with my friends and enjoy the fun and laugh the whole time it makes me happy to play netball because it is active and just awesome sport to play.

5.I also love swimming it makes you so much stronger and when you get the push of the wall you feel like you are going to win the race and it feels like you are so strong when you push the water way behind you

6 friends are one of the most important people in the world they make you laugh when your sad and they comfort you and keep you company and the support you and include you in thier games you can’t live without them. they are the best!!!!!!!!!!!

7.I also love skate boarding its fun and you go so smooth and its awesome i love it all you have to do is pull your leg back and forth and just ride it like a wave.

8.Family is the most important thing in the world they are loving, caring and very supporting i love them so much and thats why they are one of my favourite 10 things.

9. I also like running and jumping it’s so much fun it makes me feel free it makes me feel active and it makes me feel happy i love running because i like having the wind in my face well i run  as fast as i can i love jumping because it is just so fun it makes me feel happy…………….

10. I love animals they are cuddly and cute and strong  they are one of my 10 favourite things because they keep you company they can be your best friends.


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