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\jessica, Jessie and I did a before and after of our recycling bins and how much recycling was flying out of the bin. It shouldn’t be happening so we decided to clean it up. I made a sign saying ‘Don’t over fill this bin or our school will be will be covered in rubbish. If you […]

RE homework


In religion we had to do a project on a religion ( our choice) Martha lilyanna and I chose Buddhism we decided to do some posters we had photos on one lots of in donation on another and a heading and some pictures we had drawn we had also discussed doing a chocolate cake with […]



Jessica and I chose to do our workshop on  percentages in a catalogue. We each did 1 ladies summer dress, 1 winter ladies dress, 1 kids summer dress 1 kids winter dress, shoes and necklaces.I thought we did well and used our time wisley and worked good together. We did things like 20%, 15%, 25% and lots […]

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