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emotive and challenging word story with Charlotte R and Hannah J


Our learning intention was to use more emotive and challenging words in our text and we have demonstrated this in our story below. Chloe walked out of her classroom with her friends that had been laughing all through class until they got a little muzzy after her teacher had told her she would be facing […]

100 word challenge ” but when she lifted the lid”


It was a stormy night in red creek and the wind was blowing so hard. The little girl was frightened beacuse her mother and father wernt home. The little girls name was Miranda, she lived in an old apartment next to 3 others. In one of them there was an old lady. In the other there was 3 orphans and […]

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The science in art


Have you ever thought of the temperatures of the colours . Eg  red is a very hot colour like summer and blue is a very cold colour like winter so in a way art connects to the weather Science and art also connect by shapes when your paint brush hits the paper it comes out […]

para-olympics review


I think maddy is amazing i cant believe she is still so good even though she has serible poursy. I guess that shows that you can do anything you put your mind to. She is a real inspiration to lots of sick children around it will give others hope and is amazing how many awards […]

organ donation


What do i think about organ donation? i think that it is an amazing thing to do exspecialy for someone like Coen, imagine how over the moon he would feel about it! Wouldnt you love to make someones life to keep on going for as long as yours did or even longer it would be […]

Workshop reflection


I think we did very well, but at the start we were just telling them to do stuff when they didn’t know anything about Roman numerals. I think lilyanna did well at the start  because she new what she was doing but she didn’t explain to them as if they didn’t know anything I also […]

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100 word challenge


“Are we there yet mum?” Caitlyn wined. “NO” her mother yelled viciously. And BANG her mum crashed the car into another car ” ahhhhhhhh” Caitlyn squealed, her mother yelled “are you ok caitlyn?” “yes mum im fine” “thank god” her mother said with releaf. i guess our trip to melbourne to see the formular 1 […]

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