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Workshop reflection


I think we did very well, but at the start we were just telling them to do stuff when they didn’t know anything about Roman numerals. I think lilyanna did well at the start  because she new what she was doing but she didn’t explain to them as if they didn’t know anything I also think the questions that I came up with worked well which was good. I think Ellys information was really good and it showed she worked really hard on it. Millie was doing a good job of speaking and helping the kids finish they’re equations. But if I could do it again I would of practised more and used my time better


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“Workshop reflection”

  1. March 11th, 2014 at 10:35 pm      Reply missnitschke Says:

    Great job on your workshop Ange! Good to see you picking up on some things to improve for next time as well.

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