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emotive and challenging word story with Charlotte R and Hannah J


Our learning intention was to use more emotive and challenging words in our text and we have demonstrated this in our story below.

Chloe walked out of her classroom with her friends that had been laughing all through class until they got a little muzzy after her teacher had told her she would be facing detention on Saturday. During lunch Chloe was thinking about her detention and was feeling pugnacious towards her muggins bully. Chloe went up to her bullie and tryed to approch her with a calm and positive attitude she decided not to make it a huge issue. Her bullie and her sat down and had a talk about what had happened and her bullie reliseed she had done the wrong thing and said sorry. Chloe was walking to detension and she came across a scintillating sign that made her relise that not everything is perfect in life and dont get upset over little things just build a bridge and get over it. Chloe sat through detnsion with a smile knowing everything was ok.”yay!”

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