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The fruits and gifts of the holy spirit



Wisdom-Is being a wise person with the ability to do the correct thing.

Understanding-To understand someone’s story  and  to be understood.

Right Judgement-To judge something correctly and to have the resilience to choose the right answer.

Courage- To stand up for yourself or someone else and to have a loud voice to show people your beliefs.

Knowledge- Knowing things and to be wise.

Reverence- A feeling or attitude of deep respect.

Wonder and awe in Gods presence- Being amazed by things around you because God made them.


Charity- Giving to others and being kind and thoughtful.

Joy- Being happy and excited and looking on the Brightside.

Peace-Quiet but happy a moment of peacefulness.

Patience-Having recilience to wait for your turn.

Kindness- Being kind is caring for others and putting them first.

Goodness- Doing the right thing and not choosing the wrong choices

Generosity-Sharing with others letting someone else have more then less put other people first.

Gentleness- Being careful with someone encase they are sensitive being gentle when someone is hurt.

Faithfulness-Being true and having faith and belief in someone.

Modesty-Not rubbing in your fortune being modest is to be humble.

Self Control-Having the controls to stop yourself from making wrong choices.



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“The fruits and gifts of the holy spirit”

  1. August 12th, 2014 at 4:55 am      Reply srae12 Says:

    Your blog is great and I love the background! Great work, sari

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