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Book review- Harry potter and the prison of Askaban


I am reviewing the book ‘ Harry Potter and the prison of Askaban ‘. This book is the 3rd bookoff 8. This amazing series is great, scary and so exciting and the prison of Askaban is awesomeand I’m sure J.K Rowling has more amazing books that I’m yet to read. I’ll make sure I do! This book is addictive.

Its about a man called Sirius Black who has broken out of the most magically protected prison ever and he’s on the hunt for 13 year old star seeker on the Griffindore quiditch team and the hero who defeated ‘ he who must not be named’. Harry Potter. In this book there is the biggest twist you could ever imagine. Will Sirius Black kill the famous Harry Potter? Will something else happen? Wait and see!

At the start i predicted this story would be about something about the life of a prisinor in Askaban. This book is my favourite so far but i’m sure its going to keep coming from this amazing author J.K Rowling. I recomend it to years 4, 5,6 +. It’s very scary ( to me that is of course)! You have to have a great imagination to read these books to really love them!

The book ‘ Harry Potter and the prison of Askaban’ is  the best i give it 5 stars!!




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