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“Ahhhhh” I screamed as ‘the splash of freezing cold water went down my neck and made me feel’ a huge shiver from the bottom to the top of my cold body. ” that was so cold”‘I screamed to my friends after I came up from my first duck dive Of the evening. The first set of the surf came and man it was a big One, everyone of the girls were freaking out! It was probably the hugest set any of us have ever seen, especially me. As it got bigger and bigger people began to paddle out as fast as they could. 

We paddled as hard as we could. Everyone got over I was the only one left I could either get over it with no risk what, so, ever or catch it! I made a split decision and paddled for the wave and there I was I had caught the wave and having the time of  my life! But while I was having the time of my life everyone was wondering where i Had gone. I realised while I was on the wave I had lost my ribbon, but at that very moment, I couldn’t care less! Meanwhile out the back everyone was wondering where i’de gone… Then my ribbon popped up from under the water and one of my friends let out a squeal. Everyone was stressing they didn’t know where i’de disappeared to…

well i’de got my amazing wave all the way to shore where I decided to paddle straight back out.  Everyone was so relieved when they saw me and quizzed me for the rest of the surf about my amazing wave! 

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