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Hope and Joy


What is hope and joy?

Hope is having that little feeling that keeps you going it keeps your head held high. Joy is a feeling that makes you happy you are joyful when something good happens that lights up your life.

Tell us about this person?

Ian Torode is an amazing doctor at the Royal Children’s Hospital he is an Orthopedic surgeon who has received training and qualification in Orthapedic surgery in Australia, United sates of America and Canada. He hagan his orthopaedics career at the Royal Children’s Hospital in 1983. Ian Torode is still working at the Royal children’s hospital and is actually my doctor and is helping me recover from my sickness.

How does this person represent hope and joy?

Dr Torode is a life saver if he wasn’t my doctor I don’t know where I’de be. Te way doctor Torode represents hope is, well, he never gives up last year a little girl named Hannah with an unusual kind of cancer dr Torode and others doctors never gave up and saved her life.whenever I go to the royal children’s hospital I see doctor Torode he always has a smile on his face to cheer me up.

How could you be more like this person?

To be more like this person I should look on the bright side when I get bad news, like doctor Torode does, he keeps a smile on his face even though he is sorry it’s not good news but he will keep hope for next time and give me hope.

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