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Hope and Joy


What is hope and joy? Hope is having that little feeling that keeps you going it keeps your head held high. Joy is a feeling that makes you happy you are joyful when something good happens that lights up your life. Tell us about this person? Ian Torode is an amazing doctor at the Royal […]

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News report


Malala Yousafzai has just received the Nobel  peace prize with great honer. In 2012 she was shot in the head by Taliban gunman who boarded her illegal school bus, but she survived and continued to campaign for the rights of girls to go to school. Malala Yousafzai is the the youngest person ever to win […]

Mission Day Reflection


We have just had our mission day and I think it was really successful and I had heaps of fun. I think everyone put in heaps of hard work and were also very successful. The stall that I did was called ‘pie in the face’ my fellow partners were Jessie and Georgia we all contributed […]

Tree house story – recorded


My tree house story competition recorded


“Ahhhhh” I screamed as ‘the splash of freezing cold water went down my neck and made me feel’ a huge shiver from the bottom to the top of my cold body. ” that was so cold”‘I screamed to my friends after I came up from my first duck dive Of the evening. The first set […]



See- Dancing, people playing. Hear- Laughs, screams, people singing along, cheering. Feel- Happy, enthusiastic. Smell- Sweat,drinks, perfume, smoke. Taste- Food, drinks, spit. Touch- People,floor, walls.  Snapshot:  “Tonight is turning out to be the best concert ever! Her voice is amazing! ” Ahhhh I love you Shakira”. Listen to the laughs, screams, people singing along and […]

Book review- Harry potter and the prison of Askaban


I am reviewing the book ‘ Harry Potter and the prison of Askaban ‘. This book is the 3rd bookoff 8. This amazing series is great, scary and so exciting and the prison of Askaban is awesomeand I’m sure J.K Rowling has more amazing books that I’m yet to read. I’ll make sure I do! […]

Dr Seuss-


The fruits and gifts of the holy spirit


Gifts: Wisdom-Is being a wise person with the ability to do the correct thing. Understanding-To understand someone’s story  and  to be understood. Right Judgement-To judge something correctly and to have the resilience to choose the right answer. Courage- To stand up for yourself or someone else and to have a loud voice to show people your […]

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RE reflection


In re all of the kids researched one of the 7 sacraments… Baptism Holy water is water that has been blessed by the community. At the beginning of a baptism people will be welcomed then do a cross on the babys head. After that they poor water on the kids head. ” I baptise you […]

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