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Hope and Joy


What is hope and joy?

Hope is having that little feeling that keeps you going it keeps your head held high. Joy is a feeling that makes you happy you are joyful when something good happens that lights up your life.

Tell us about this person?

Ian Torode is an amazing doctor at the Royal Children’s Hospital he is an Orthopedic surgeon who has received training and qualification in Orthapedic surgery in Australia, United sates of America and Canada. He hagan his orthopaedics career at the Royal Children’s Hospital in 1983. Ian Torode is still working at the Royal children’s hospital and is actually my doctor and is helping me recover from my sickness.

How does this person represent hope and joy?

Dr Torode is a life saver if he wasn’t my doctor I don’t know where I’de be. Te way doctor Torode represents hope is, well, he never gives up last year a little girl named Hannah with an unusual kind of cancer dr Torode and others doctors never gave up and saved her life.whenever I go to the royal children’s hospital I see doctor Torode he always has a smile on his face to cheer me up.

How could you be more like this person?

To be more like this person I should look on the bright side when I get bad news, like doctor Torode does, he keeps a smile on his face even though he is sorry it’s not good news but he will keep hope for next time and give me hope.

News report


Malala Yousafzai has just received the Nobel  peace prize with great honer. In 2012 she was shot in the head by Taliban gunman who boarded her illegal school bus, but she survived and continued to campaign for the rights of girls to go to school. Malala Yousafzai is the the youngest person ever to win the Nobel peace prize. It was announced on Friday, she is only 17 years old. Malala was born on the 12th of July, 1997, Mingoria, north-west Frontier Province, Pakistan. After  her accident she got taken to England, Birmingham. She now works as a blogger and activist for rights to educate woman. she has accepted the National Youth Peace prize, Sakharov prize, Honorary Canadian citenzenship, Simone de Beauvoir prize, and The Nobel peace prize 

Hour after Malala won the Nobel peace prize a source says she was threatened by Pakistani Taliban. The response to Malalas win on twitter late on Saturday says ” characters like Malala should know the taliban are not discouraged by properghanda from non believers. 

The Taliban were  condemned internationally for their brutal treatment of woman. The majority of the Taliban are made up of afghan Pashtun tribesman 

Mission Day Reflection


We have just had our mission day and I think it was really successful and I had heaps of fun. I think everyone put in heaps of hard work and were also very successful. The stall that I did was called ‘pie in the face’ my fellow partners were Jessie and Georgia we all contributed the same amount of work. All of the year 5/6’s were very happy to have raised the amount of money that we did for the Reach Vietnam program it was a great and very brilliant day. Now we know that we have made a difference in someone’s life over in Vietnam.

Tree house story – recorded


My tree house story competition recorded


“Ahhhhh” I screamed as ‘the splash of freezing cold water went down my neck and made me feel’ a huge shiver from the bottom to the top of my cold body. ” that was so cold”‘I screamed to my friends after I came up from my first duck dive Of the evening. The first set of the surf came and man it was a big One, everyone of the girls were freaking out! It was probably the hugest set any of us have ever seen, especially me. As it got bigger and bigger people began to paddle out as fast as they could. 

We paddled as hard as we could. Everyone got over I was the only one left I could either get over it with no risk what, so, ever or catch it! I made a split decision and paddled for the wave and there I was I had caught the wave and having the time of  my life! But while I was having the time of my life everyone was wondering where i Had gone. I realised while I was on the wave I had lost my ribbon, but at that very moment, I couldn’t care less! Meanwhile out the back everyone was wondering where i’de gone… Then my ribbon popped up from under the water and one of my friends let out a squeal. Everyone was stressing they didn’t know where i’de disappeared to…

well i’de got my amazing wave all the way to shore where I decided to paddle straight back out.  Everyone was so relieved when they saw me and quizzed me for the rest of the surf about my amazing wave! 



See- Dancing, people playing.

Hear- Laughs, screams, people singing along, cheering.

Feel- Happy, enthusiastic.

Smell- Sweat,drinks, perfume, smoke.

Taste- Food, drinks, spit.

Touch- People,floor, walls. 


“Tonight is turning out to be the best concert ever! Her voice is amazing! ” Ahhhh I love you Shakira”. Listen to the laughs, screams, people singing along and cheering. I LOVE IT! Mmmmmm… Give me some food oooohh it’s delicious. I walked over to do some dancing with a brush of someone’s shoulder and the smell of perfume on the way. I dance till the night decides to end!”

Book review- Harry potter and the prison of Askaban


I am reviewing the book ‘ Harry Potter and the prison of Askaban ‘. This book is the 3rd bookoff 8. This amazing series is great, scary and so exciting and the prison of Askaban is awesomeand I’m sure J.K Rowling has more amazing books that I’m yet to read. I’ll make sure I do! This book is addictive.

Its about a man called Sirius Black who has broken out of the most magically protected prison ever and he’s on the hunt for 13 year old star seeker on the Griffindore quiditch team and the hero who defeated ‘ he who must not be named’. Harry Potter. In this book there is the biggest twist you could ever imagine. Will Sirius Black kill the famous Harry Potter? Will something else happen? Wait and see!

At the start i predicted this story would be about something about the life of a prisinor in Askaban. This book is my favourite so far but i’m sure its going to keep coming from this amazing author J.K Rowling. I recomend it to years 4, 5,6 +. It’s very scary ( to me that is of course)! You have to have a great imagination to read these books to really love them!

The book ‘ Harry Potter and the prison of Askaban’ is  the best i give it 5 stars!!




Dr Seuss-



The fruits and gifts of the holy spirit



Wisdom-Is being a wise person with the ability to do the correct thing.

Understanding-To understand someone’s story  and  to be understood.

Right Judgement-To judge something correctly and to have the resilience to choose the right answer.

Courage- To stand up for yourself or someone else and to have a loud voice to show people your beliefs.

Knowledge- Knowing things and to be wise.

Reverence- A feeling or attitude of deep respect.

Wonder and awe in Gods presence- Being amazed by things around you because God made them.


Charity- Giving to others and being kind and thoughtful.

Joy- Being happy and excited and looking on the Brightside.

Peace-Quiet but happy a moment of peacefulness.

Patience-Having recilience to wait for your turn.

Kindness- Being kind is caring for others and putting them first.

Goodness- Doing the right thing and not choosing the wrong choices

Generosity-Sharing with others letting someone else have more then less put other people first.

Gentleness- Being careful with someone encase they are sensitive being gentle when someone is hurt.

Faithfulness-Being true and having faith and belief in someone.

Modesty-Not rubbing in your fortune being modest is to be humble.

Self Control-Having the controls to stop yourself from making wrong choices.



RE reflection

In re all of the kids researched one of the 7 sacraments…

Holy water is water that has been blessed by the community. At the beginning of a baptism people will be welcomed then do a cross on the babys head. After that they poor water on the kids head. ” I baptise you in the name of the father the son and the Holy Spirit amen” baptism comes from the Greek word ‘baptisma’.

The priest tells us to trust god, he reads gods word with us. We confess our sins the priest can help and guide us the sacrament of reconciliation is that you confess your sins and things you’ve done wrong the penance is an act of kindness and prayers , the priest dismisses us by saying ” go in peace we go to perform the act of penance he has given us

Symbols-bread-whine-the cross the word Eucharist means thanks giving. At the last supper Jesus said take this this is my body which will be given up for you and this blood. It’s about sacrifice and forgiveness the priest used to put the holy communion in your mouth but now he puts it in your hand then you put it in your mouth.

It is the 4th sacrament out of 7. catholic children make it in grade 3/4. When your confirmed. You get gifts like kindeness, compassion. The Holy Spirit appeared above the deciples in the form of a flame. It came from Israel. In East Rome you get baptised then straight away you get confirmed.

If there is two Catholics the priest will do a mass during your wedding .if there is only one catholic you get a choice. Buddhist didn’t think that marriage was a sacrament. A big and happy moment in two peoples life’s, a man and woman establish a partnership.

Anointing of the sick
oil, sign of the cross, someone being anointed mostly the elderly get anointed because they’re close to death traditions are rubbing oil on the hands going to church to respect those who pass away. One of the last sacraments.

Holy orders
Holy orders is when a man who has been baptised made his reconciliation, Eucharist and confirmation becomes a priest holy orders was found 2000 years ago by Jesus christ more then 1.2 billion people believe in it

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