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Jessica and I chose to do our workshop on  percentages in a catalogue. We each did 1 ladies summer dress, 1 winter ladies dress, 1 kids summer dress 1 kids winter dress, shoes and necklaces.I thought we did well and used our time wisley and worked good together. We did things like 20%, 15%, 25% and lots more. Here is an example:

Ladies Prom Dress       $90


25% off = $67.50c

50% of 90 = $45         1/2 of 45 = $22.50c = 25%

Start and Stop poetry


In the ocean

the waves go by

with surfers on them

doing snaps and turns

the waves build and build

untill the white wash comes

and gets thrown in the shallow waters

where all the little kids paly and splash

around happily

in the ocean.


When the sun sets

everyone begins to be quiet

and get ready for bed

they start cuddling up to their mum or dad

they get so warm

they feel like they are going to fall asleep

and before they know it they are sleeping

when the sun sets.

My Poem (homework)


Live each day like it’s your last

I like to surf because it makes me fell free


Each day is special so enjoy every bit of every one you get



blogging challenge NO.8 / favourites


1. My first favourite thing is surfing it is fun and you feel free when you are in the ocean. You get heaps of awesome waves and you can do it with friends and ride the waves together, well you are out there you can meat new people and surf new waves and do new turns.

2. One Direction is my favourite band because they have brilliant music. They also have very catchy songs that make you want to sing them everyday. They are also very cool.

3. My favourite colour is blue because it is the colour of the sky and i love the colour of the sky I love the colour blue because It makes me feel calm and relaxed and happy.

4. I love netball because I get to play it with my friends and enjoy the fun and laugh the whole time it makes me happy to play netball because it is active and just awesome sport to play.

5.I also love swimming it makes you so much stronger and when you get the push of the wall you feel like you are going to win the race and it feels like you are so strong when you push the water way behind you

6 friends are one of the most important people in the world they make you laugh when your sad and they comfort you and keep you company and the support you and include you in thier games you can’t live without them. they are the best!!!!!!!!!!!

7.I also love skate boarding its fun and you go so smooth and its awesome i love it all you have to do is pull your leg back and forth and just ride it like a wave.

8.Family is the most important thing in the world they are loving, caring and very supporting i love them so much and thats why they are one of my favourite 10 things.

9. I also like running and jumping it’s so much fun it makes me feel free it makes me feel active and it makes me feel happy i love running because i like having the wind in my face well i run  as fast as i can i love jumping because it is just so fun it makes me feel happy…………….

10. I love animals they are cuddly and cute and strong  they are one of my 10 favourite things because they keep you company they can be your best friends.


Week 1 of reflection on Blog!


At School ………..

In maths latly we have been doing lots of subtraction. At the start I found it really hard but now I get it really well.  I evan got a year 7 alderbra question correct!!!!!!!!!!!!   So I understand alot of maths now which is really good.

In Literacy I have really enjoined the blogging and spelling part because I really like spelling  and I love the blogging because you can have online conversations with your friends and yoyu can see what they are up to and what they have been doing and I can get ideas from them.

Jeannie Baker


About jeanie Baker                                                                                                                 Jeannie Baker is an English author and illustrator of alot of childrens picture books.Her most known book is ‘where the forest meats the sea’. She was born in Croydon, England. She is known for her use of mixed media to create detailed collages.She has a very individuel style that is very recogniseable.Her work focuses on a diverse range of issues including; family, society, sustaninability the enviroment , car-free urben spaces, Ausralian outback and wildlife. She lived with her partner Australian architect, David Blackwell untill he passed away in 2012.

My opinion

I Like jeannie Baker because of the detail  in her pictures and the simplicity in her writing, I like her books beacause they are touching and they mean somthing. The only dislike i have is that she could have abit more writing in here books.But other wise she is a brilliant author!!

My dad


My Dad loves the ocean he paddles out arm by arm and duckdives under the big waves he goes and sits on top of his board looking for a big clean wonderful wave to ride even though hes getting older he can’t stop surfing because he loves it so much.

I also see him doing some handy work around the hose he bends over and grabs  a tool from the tool box and puts his glasses over his eyes and gets to work well he listens to the radio.

When he wakes up in the morning he has his muesli and strawberries and his cup of coffee,well he reads the daily newspaper


Huge Wave!!!! Whats the biggest wave you’ve ever surfed?


whats your favourite quote?


Last day!


Spiderman Spelling – Results

In blogging i have been playing a game called spiderman spelling it helps you alot with your spelling!!!

my results……



 I give it an 8/10

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