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St Katharine Drexel

what is her feast day?

march 3rd

What is her story?

She was born into a Philadelphia family. A part of Katharine’s life was her love for God and neighbour. She took interest in the material and spiritual well-being of black and Native Americans. She began by donating money but soon realised that she needed people to help her. From the age of 33 until until the year she died 1955, she dedicated her life to this work while raising  around 20 million dollars. In 1894 she took part in opening the first school for native Americans in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Other schools quickly followed for native Americans and for black people. At her death there was more than 500 sisters teaching in 63 schools throughout the country.

How did she become a saint/ what did she do to become a saint?

Because of her lifelong dedication to her faith and her selfless service to the oppressed, Pope John Paul || canonised her on October 1st 2000 to become the second recognised American-born saint.

What is her origin?

She was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

What is your saint a patron for?

Philanthropists, racial justice.

What qualities did they show?

Courage, not afraid to stand up for what she believes in, caring, generous , being able to stick with her own opinion.

How does this saint make you want to be a better person?

She was a person with so much courage and faith and hope to help the oppressed . It makes me want to become a person with all those qualities and have the ability to stand up for someone else or myself and be able to make something happen.

How does this saint inspire me? 

She inspires me because she followed her own path and decided  to help the oppressed people while using courage, integrity and persistence.

What is her history?

It all started when she was born on the 26th 1858. She was the second child of Francis A. Mrs Drexel died 5 weeks after Katharine was born. For 2 years , Katharine and her older sister Elizabeth were looked after by their aunt and uncle. As the girls grew up they helped their step mother teach Sunday school. They also helped her with her service to the poor. Their parents loaned them money simply to share with others.

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